This week on The Flash Barry has his hands full with Dr Light.


This weeks episode was great, it was very humorous but yet still dealt with some hefty stuff. Dr Light was a good villain and for this show was pretty well-developed for a one and done character. The fight between Light and Flash was awesome because we saw Barry do speed mirages which was sweet.

The team dealt with the blow out of Harrison Wells reappearing. They are all conflicted about it but they need his help. This Wells is a complete dick, I was expecting him to be more like the earth prime Wells but he isn’t. But he does have his secrets like prime Wells.

Jay returned this week and obviously had an issue with Wells helping out, he ends up storming out because of it. Also with Wells Cisco’s powers were oust to the team by Wells. It’s good that they finally know he has powers and hearing out loud Vibe was awesome.

Patty and Barry went on a date which was hilarious because Barry was blinded from a fight with Light previous. It was so funny because Cisco was helping Barry with the date. This was easily the best part of the episode and I love Barry and Patty together.

The Flash had a fantastic episode with tons of humour.



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