This week on Arrow featured the return of John Constantine from the cancelled Constantine TV series.


Seeing Constantine back was great. Seeing him do spells and say witty things again felt so good. It really makes you miss the tv show as well as Matt Ryan as Constantine, he is so great in the role. I wish he was in the episode a little more but it’s just a miracle we even got him.

Constantine helped resurrect Sara’s soul. She was out on the loose trying to find Thea and kill her. She would sort of come out of nowhere and attack Thea, which was funny. But they resurrect her soul by going into the afterlife and bringing it back which was cool and unexpected.

We also see Constantine in the flashbacks which I didn’t expect. We get some back story on how Oliver and John met each other. In typical Constantine fashion he was searching for magical artifacts. We also find out more about how dangerous Damien Dahrk is from John which spells bad news for Team Arrow given Constantine wants nothing to do with him.

Felicity and Curtis dug into Ray’s audio message that he left. They find out Ray is still alive and needs help. So more set-up for Legends of Tomorrow will be happening with that but I’m glad we will be getting more Ray.

Diggle and Lance worked together to do something for Dahrk. In the process Diggle finds out who his brother really was which is really sad because Diggle held him up with such high regard.

Arrow had a fantastic episode which featured everyone’s favourite Dabbler in the dark arts John Constantine.



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