All 5 episodes of Tales from the Borderlands has dropped, so let’s review one of the many telltale games.

I love Borderlands, I love the world, I love the characters, I love the humour and wacky nature of everything so I had incredibly high expectations for this series. If thereĀ is one thing that Borderlands has lacked was a great story but not anymore because this story was fantastic.

The story was great and all of the subplots worked brilliantly. I loved most of the characters as well. All of the voice acting was fantastic especially Troy Baker as Rhys. I love how the story set-up the future of the Borderlands series and where it will go next based off what you chose, it just felt great to have control over what will happen in this universe. I also loved how they managed to get fan favourite characters such as Brick and Zero to appear, seeing these characters again was great and finding out what they are up to was awesome.

The game runs pretty well also for a Telltale game, the first couple episodes were perfect but as we got through to the more recent ones it got a little rough but overall it was a pretty smooth experience. The graphics were also beautiful to, the cell shade graphics are just so special. It’s also incredible how on this engine they could do so much action heavy stuff that Borderlands is full of, the hectic moments run smoothly and they capture the craziness of Borderlands perfectly.

They also added some currency and inventory management that really didn’t matter. It was cool to have that and it encourages exploration when given the chance but it just didn’t have an impact on the story or give any advantage in gameplay. The story also was a little slow at spots and episode 4 was pretty weak but the overall product is great.

Tales from the Borderlands is a fantastic game that gives you control of the future of the Borderlands universe.



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