This week on The Walking Dead we checked back in with the people at Alexandria.


This episode was filler at it’s finest. Nothing happened and it didn’t push the overall story forward at all. The last couple episodes have been filler and it’s getting old, while the episode isn’t bad it’s just disappointing that the story isn’t being pushed forward.

The walkers are surrounding Alexandria and surprisingly the walls are holding quite well although at the end of the episode we do get a glimpse of a crack forming in one of the fences. It will be really cool to see what happens with these zombies.

Rick got back from being trapped by the walkers by running away from them. A bit disappointing given how they built it up a couple of episodes ago. He was back there doing nothing really, waiting and looking for Glenn, Daryl, Abraham and whoever else was still out there. He does hook in with Jessie finally though.

Diana continues to go down her dark path and she has a pretty brutal scene with a walker and a smashed bottle. She is definitely a loose cannon.

Maggie went out to look for Glenn. She had a pretty disgusting run in with some sewer zombies that were gross, like really gross. She eventually gives up and reveals that she is pregnant adding more weight to the fact that Glenn is dead.

The Walking Dead had another filler episode where nothing happened…. Naturally.



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