This week on Supergirl Reactron attacks.


This weeks episode continued the upward swing that a new show needs. We are starting to settle into what the show will be like and I like it. The kinks are definitely being ironed out. The direction was something that has stood out to me, I wanted to give it a of couple episodes to see if it continues which it has. It reminds me a lot of a Zack Synder film in the way the action is shot which I am a big fan of.

This episode was really about Kara proving that she can be a superhero¬†and she doesn’t need help from anyone. It’s a good point to build upon and I liked how they executed it. They continued to build the Kara/Jimmy love thing sort of but that came to a screeching halt when Lucy Lane appears, I like how they are digging deep into the DC characters catalogue.

Reactron was a formidable villain but wasn’t well developed at all. He was sort of just like I don’t like Superman so I’m going to kill you, they hint at their being some sort of cool back story but nothing comes to fruition.

The other sorta villain was Maxwell Lord, who had an expanded role this week. They are setting him up to be a sort of villain in the press which is all good and fine, I’m interested to see where it goes. They also tease a little back story between him and Cat Grant which is interesting although she is still hella annoying.

Superman appears this episode also, saving Kara. I still find it super weird that they don’t have him talk or even show his face. I understand not wanting him to over shadow Supergirl but it’s just silly, don’t use him if you aren’t going to show him in all his glory. Although I do think we will see him in an expanded role later on in the shows lifetime. But we get a little of Clark Kent with him talking to Kara and saying she is doing a good job, over the internet, which was appreciated.

Supergirl continues to improve as it finds its groove.




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