This week on SHIELD May confronts Andrew about Lash.


We got a little back story on how Andrew came to be Lash and his motivations for killing the InHumans. May confronts him about this and he explains why he is doing what he is doing and why he didn’t tell May. This was all really heartfelt and you kind of feel for Andrew, he never wanted this.

Meanwhile Lincoln reappears with news that he knows Lash is in SHIELD. He takes it up with Coulson and the team and they figure out that Andrew is Lash. This led to a great hunt scene and fight scene with Lash. Lincoln is a loose cannon, I really like him although Andrew does tease that he has a dark side.

This all ends with May calming Andrew down and shooting him into the containment pod. I’ve never seen May this shook up about something like this since she killed the little kid. You can tell it hurts her to do this but it’s what best and they handle it all well. Andrew is losing himself to Lash and will soon be Lash all the time. He is now safely in one of those stasis pods for now.

The Lash conflict took up the bulk of the episode but we do get an end scene teaser with Rosalind calling up Hydra and saying that she will get Coulson to them soon. This was kind of predictable given how they have had her act but it’s still a shock to see it happen especially given how close they are.

Fitz and Jemma continued to try and find a way to open the portable. He tries to ask Jemma if she has feelings for her which she shoots down. You kind of feel for Fitz given how much work he put in to get Jemma back.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a good episode that dealt with Lash in a great fashion.



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