This week on The Flash Barry came face to face with Zoom.


Let’s start with the obvious, Barry and Zoom face off. Zoom is incredibly intimidating, he pretty much man handled Barry the whole time. Having Zoom parade Barry’s lifeless body around Central City was haunting. Zoom is an incredible villain so far and it is hard to see Barry ever beating him. But Barry doesn’t get away unscathed with the end scene revealing that Barry can’t feel his legs.

In the lead up to the Zoom fight we got a little Doctor Light with the earth 1 Linda Park dressing up as Light in a bid to lure Zoom to earth 1. This layed the way for someone really funny stuff, despite the strong stuff with Zoom this episode was really funny.

We also got a little more of Harrison Well’s back story with his daughter. It really humanises earth 2 Wells and makes you kind of feel for the guy, which is hard to do given his a total jerk. We also got one of the coolest easter eggs with these looks at Wells being on earth 2 with the fact that Robert Queen had been unmasked as the Arrow.

Patty and Barry kicked it off a little more this episode as well, I love them together. But Patty and Joe are having a little problems working together because she knows that his hiding something. I hope this doesn’t go on to long and Barry let’s her in on his secret.

Zoom most certainly made a great first impression this week resulting in a terrific episode.



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