This week on Arrow the team attempts to find Ray.


This weeks Arrow was great, it dealt with a lot of things in terms of relationships with these characters. They really pushed these characters forward and it made for a great episode.

Oliver and Felicity ran into some relationship problems with Felicity being swept up in the Ray mess and feeling as if she has lost herself in Oliver. This episode weighed heavily on these relationship problems so if you don’t like that aspect of the show then this episode probably isn’t for you. They dealt with their problems in a good way and it bought emotion out in me because I am so invested in these characters. Diggle and Oliver had a great moment about this which really hit the spot and was incredibly well done.

The team tracked down Ray and bought him back to full size. This tied into the relationship stuff but it was well done and entertaining. It’s good to see Ray back. I like how we haven’t really had to many villain of the week episodes this season and that every episode ties into a bigger plot. Damien Dahrk continued to be a presence and even came face to face with the Green Arrow. He is such a fantastic villain and really powerful.

Sara was back in action and as like Thea she has a bloodlust. By the end Sara had left to go live a normal life so she is gone for now which I felt was the right thing, there already is enough people on the team. Felicity’s mum Donna came to town as well this week. She felt kind of shoehorned in and wasn’t really needed. Oliver was also in fine form with the humour, I was laughing out loud many times this episode from him.

Arrow had a great episode that bought Ray back.



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