Aziz Ansari best known for his role on Parks and Recreation has a new Netflix show called Master of None, what did I think of it?? Read on below!

I loved this show so much, it’s so smart, funny and well written. The writing is top notch, the writing team have really created something incredible. Just the sheer amount of great lines and quotes both funny and not in the show is amazing.

Master of None also deals with tons of heavy stuff that I wasn’t expecting. From Parenting to stereotypes to marriage to sexism to relationships this show shines a spotlight on all of these things and then some. It really points out the flaws in us and how we perceive things, it was such a pleasant surprise. The things I took away from this show and have put into my life now have made me feel like a better person and I can’t say that for many of the things I watch.

Despite the show dealing with such heavy things it still maintains to be funny. The show had me laughing many times throughout thanks in part to the writing and the acting. All of these actors had great comedic timing and were a joy a watch. The directing was also top notch as well, it was very modern yet old school at the same time.

Master of None is a triumph for all involved. Truly a show that has to be seen, great material, funny and deals with everyday problems as well as global problems. Please watch this!



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