This week on Supergirl DC comics villain Livewire made her debut.


Now before I start this episode was originally meant to be the fifth episode of the season but because of the events in Paris this episode was pushed into its place. In doing this it means we are a bit clued out on some of the things that happened in the episode that was meant to air and the references to said episode don’t make much sense but it is only minor.

Livewire made her debut this week and while it was cool to see her powers she was a bit undeveloped. She just wanted to kill Supergirl and Cat because well like most villains they don’t like Supergirl and she wanted to kill Cat because she didn’t want her talking about Supergirl, it was all just a little silly.But her fights with Supergirl are awesome and I particularly liked how she got her powers. The visual effects were great.

Kara and Alex’s mother came to town this week and there was some family drama. There mother isn’t happy that Alex let Kara be Supergirl and they have a big fight but eventually they all work it out. Her inclusion was nice and helped develop Alex a little bit. She does however drop a bombshell if you will revealing that Alex’s father died working for Hank Henshaw and DEO. Given that they work for the same division and man this is big. We also got some nice scenes of Alex and Kara as kids which helped lay some history down for the two.

Cat was also a big part of the episode. She was still annoying as usual but she has a human moment with Kara which went over really well. They gave us a reason to relate to Cat and it was great. I’m glad they done that.

Winn and Jimmy were sort of there this episode, they didn’t really have much to do but I don’t know how I feel about this love triangle thing going on, I think they should just scrap it, it’s going to drag. If I were to choose who she should have as a love interest it would be Winn, they fit much better together.

Supergirl introduced Livewire in a good episode with great visual effects.



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