This week on Agents of Shield all of the plots came together.


This episode was fantastic, it found a way to bring all of the sub plots that have been running through this season together in a smart and awesome way.

Shield infiltrated the ATCU and found secrets they didn’t want find whilst Rosalind got a tour of the Shield base. The infiltration was really funny with Bobbi and Hunter going undercover, Hunter is always a joy to watch and he was really funny this episode. Bobbi finds out that the ATCU aren’t looking for a cure but is trying to make InHumans. I was half expecting this but it was still done well.

Coulson interrogated Rosalind on this and found out that Hydra was working under her and doing all this without her knowing. This was a welcome surprise because we all thought that she would have another motive but she doesn’t which I like. Coulson and Rosalind are still a joy to watch also.

But with Hydra it brings in Ward and he has some awesome moments, Wards arc since the series premiere has been awesome. We find out that Hydra is in position of another monolith and they intend to bring that demon thing back from the planet and have it rule Hydra. This is awesome and I wasn’t expecting that shadow beast thing would have much more of an impact on the season.

We also find out that Hydra was the one that sent Will and the NASA astronauts over to the planet. All of this brings in Fitz and Jemma into the situation. This was awesome and really well done how they bought all this together and we are on another collision course between Shield and Hydra.

The ending scene was Ward with Andrew trying to bring out the beast. Hydra will somehow try to use him to fight against SHIELD. Hydra is so smart and it’s great to see all of these plans come together.

Agents of Shield bought all of its subplots that have been going on through this season together in a fantastic and smart way.



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