This week on The Flash Grodd returned at possibly the worse time.


This episode was great, I really liked how they delved into Barry’s mind after Zooms attack. His fear to go back out as The Flash was welcome and I’m glad he didn’t just heal up and be good to go out again. Having Barry’s dad return also helped make this specific plot great.

As mentioned Gorilla Grodd returned wanting to make more apes like him. You sympathise with Grodd, his the only one of his kind and you feel sorry for him.

The way they took Grodd down was cool though, dressing Wells up in full reverse Flash gear, there was a great comedic moment with Harry and Cisco rehearsing how Harry should sound. It was kind of nice to see the suit back as well. But now Grodd is in earth-2 in a sort of ape paradise, it will be interesting to see whether Grodd will show back up with an army of apes or not. I still do feel they could have held Grodd back for a seasonal villain arc but it’s no biggy.

The rest of crew didn’t have to much going on though, Joe, Patty and Iris were sort of there whilst Caitlyn was strung up in the Grodd conflict. Cisco had a little plot teasing The Arrow/Flash crossover with him vibing Hawkgirl. It’s also nice to see Harry getting a little friendlier and blending in with the team a little more, it’s sort of like the old days.

Grodd returned in a great episode of The Flash.




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