This week on Arrow Thea’s bloodlust returned and Andy is back from the dead.


This episode was great, a lot of stand out moments in the episode. David Ramsey had an incredible performance this week really showing his range and how great of an addition to the cast he is. The fight scenes were also a high point this week with some truly incredible sequences.

As mentioned Andy is back from the dead and working with hive. This plot was good but it wasn’t really necessary for the season arc, it did help further develop Diggle though who had some great moments. It was really nice to see Oliver help Diggle the way he did, it was kind of like roles reversed. Although does anyone really stay dead on Arrow? So many people come back from the dead it kind of gets ridiculous.

Thea’s bloodlust returned but was cured in a rather odd way. Malcolm was back trying to help Thea which she wasn’t pleased about but its always nice to see Malcolm. Thea had a run in with Damien Dahrk and he tried to kill Thea but it didn’t work and instead damaged Dahrk. This was pretty cool and leads a path to Thea being cured, this was likely a side effect from the Lazarus Pit. Malcolm is now trying to help Thea find out why that happened, which probably won’t end well.

Oliver is now going to use a new way to fight Dahrk, his come to the conclusion that fighting Dahrk in the daytime as Oliver Queen could be a way to take down Dahrk. I like this a lot because it will create more new things for the show as during the day nothing really happens.

Arrow had a good episode that created a new subplot for the season.



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