The highly anticipated multiplayer online shooter Star Wars Battlefront has hit and its the most fun I’ve had all year.

This game nails the atmosphere of Star Wars perfectly. The sound design is top notch, from the sound of a storm troopers laser gun going off to the terrifying sound of an AT-AT charging its weapon up this game makes you feel like your in the Star Wars universe.

The maps are also beautiful and varied. There are 13 maps on launch and that may sound like a small number but the amount of variation in each map is astounding. There are 4 planets that make up these 13 maps and they are Tattoine, Endor, Sullust and Hoth. Each planet has a different feel which makes every map feel different, whether it be in the forests of Endor or the sandy desert of Tattoine the game always makes each game feel different.

The game play is fantastic to me. Hardcore FPS players will probably find it to be shallow but casual FPS players like myself will find it deep. It has an arcadey feel to it which makes it accessible and easy to pick up which is super important. I usually suck at these games but I have topped the leader board multiple times and have a great K/D. Even the worse player can have a great game which makes said person want to play more cause lets be honest, there is nothing fun about getting smashed. I appreciate that they allow you to play in third person mode also.

The unlockables are a bit hit or miss. The weapons are all varied and good in there own way. I appreciate that they let us play with Han Solo’s gun to. Star Cards are a bit hit or miss as well with some cards being super useful and others being useless. Picking the right star cards can really determine whether you win or lose. There are some cosmetic upgrades and emotes but there really just there to be there.

But with the game set in the Star Wars universe you can bet that you will be able to control heroes. Heroes are pick ups you can find in the battlefield that allow you to play as iconic Star Wars characters. The characters that you can play as are Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Emperor Palpatine as well as the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1.

All of these heroes play different and make you feel super powerful. Using a hero in the right way can turn a match around for your team. You can beat that seeing Darth Vader run at you in a snowy corridor on Hoth is terrifying. Seeing these characters throw some spice and excitment into a game.

The game has launched with 10 or so modes. Some are a bit hit or miss. I thoroughly enjoy Supremacy, Walker Assault and Drop Zone where as Blast and Droid Run are just a bit boring. But each game mode is varied and puts players in different positions.

Whilst the game is multiplayer only it still has some single player components. There are training missions which introduce you to the mechanics and different systems in the game. Battle missions which pit you against the AI and survival missions where you are forced to survive waves of imperial troops. All of these are a bit meh, the training and battle missions are pretty boring but I commend DICE for putting them in. Survival shows promise but comes up a bit short, it just feels like its missing something and the lack of a matchmaking mode for it is a big mistake.

The graphics in the game are fantastic and some of the best I have seen. The characters models are gorgeous and the detail in the maps are breathtaking. The trophies in the game on first glance look easy but they are actually pretty hard thanks to the single player stuff.

Given the game relys heavily on servers this game could have crashed and burned but the online servers have held up and I’ve had no problems with it.

Star Wars Battlefront is an incredible game that takes you into the Star Wars universe in the best way possible. There are a couple missed opportunities and boring game modes but the overall product is a master class in multiplayer shooters.



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