This week on The Walking Dead we find out the fate of one of the characters.


The Walking Dead finally dealt with the Glenn situation this week, revealing that he some how survived. I was super disappointed about this, it felt like such a cop out to let him get away and live. It wasn’t satisfying at all seeing him live, they dragged it out for way to long and it blew up in their faces.

It feels like the series now is just playing it safe. Not wanting to take risks and kill off characters like they did in the earlier seasons. To think that someone could survive what Glenn did is so hard to believe. I just expected better from this show, it needed something big to happen and it didn’t.

Back at home nothing really happened, just everyone living life. This felt like more filler before the mid season finale next week. They set-up a couple points that will be addressed in the finale.

One of those being Carol finding out Morgan is holding one of the people who raided Alexandria. This has me excited because they are both morally different characters and there clash should be great. Maggie saw the balloons that Glenn flew up, meaning that she will be going after Glenn. Carl is in trouble from the other kid who intends to kill him and a massive clock tower came crashing down into Alexandria, smashing the fence and letting the walkers in, bye Alexandria.

All of that should lead to an exciting finale, let’s just hope it isn’t as filler and bad as this episode.



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