The new DC TV series Legends of Tomorrow trailer has dropped and I love it.

Check out the trailer below:

This show will take place in the same universe that Arrow and Flash are in and will focus on characters from both shows. I like the cast list, it’s really a rag tag group of characters that are thrown together and have to work to save the world. This should create great tension and interactions that we would only see in a comic book.

This also looks like the biggest risk they have taken as well. Having a time travel plot with these characters could ruin the universe that they have created but I’m glad they are taking the risk because the rewards could be massive.

Vandal Savage looks like a mean and intimidating villain. His taken over the world from what we can see and that’s why the Legends are going back in time to stop him. His soldiers look awesome as well.

The action that we have seen from the trailer also looks really cool. They are taking a lot of risks with this as I have said previously and I hope it pays off.

The most exciting part about the trailer was to me Rip Hunter, who is the one that has taken it upon himself to pull this team together. He says some things that will excite any DC fan. That being is that he references both Batman and Superman, meaning that they do in fact exist in this universe. This show will most certainly feature more cool drops like this.

Some others things that I have taken away is that it was pretty funny, fitting in with the tone of Arrow and Flash. The 70’s part looks particularly hilarious. Also was that Kyptonite that Captain Cold was looking at? And did the Green Arrow have his signature goatee? We will have answers to these questions come January.

The Legends of Tomorrow trailer has me crazy excited for the newest addition to the Flarrow universe.




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