This week on Supergirl a bomber targeted Maxwell Lord.


This episode was ok, it wasn’t anything special and given that it was played out of order didn’t help either. Last weeks episode was much better.

The bomber plot was alright, it wasn’t anything special and the actual bomber was really under developed. It did however reveal Maxwell Lord to be out for Supergirl. It felt like they were trying to position him as the Lex Luthor for Supergirl which I’m ok with I just hope they know what they are doing.

Kara baby sat Cat Grants kid. This sub plot was meh, nothing really came of it beside the fact that Cat was gone most of the episode, yay. This plot lead to a lot of ‘Oh no, Cat’s kid’ moments which grew old quick.

Jimmy and Lucy Lane worked through there problems and are now back together. This further puts the series into love triangle stuff which I’m not much a fan of. Just be with Winn Kara god damnit.

Hank done a little more of his red eye thing, this was the best part of the episode. His intriguing and I want find out who he actually is, Martian ManHunter? Cyborg Superman? Who knows!

How does she do it? Is a low point for the up start series.



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