The highly anticiapted Captain America: Civil War just dropped its first trailer and its rad, watch it here:

Captain America is my favourite Marvel character and The Winter Soldier was my favourite MCU movie so I had extremely high expectations for this movie and the trailer has met and exceeded them.

Surprisingly the trailer focused a lot on Captain America, which I should have expected given its his movie but there are so many heroes in this movie that I thought he would maybe get short cut but he didn’t and that fills me with a lot of happiness.

The trailer had a really dark tone which I’m super happy about. The last couple of movies have been a bit jokey so I’m ready for a darker Marvel movie like Winter Soldier. The darker the better for this story.

The trailer didn’t give much away either which is good. You get a jist of the story but the big plot points are kept hidden. It sort of looks like Bucky is the center piece of the story and Iron Man is a bit sour over Cap picking Bucky over him.

All of the action looks fantastic to, The Winter Soldier had the best action in any Marvel movie and this looks to be on par with that if not better. Seeing Cap drop kick someone and Falcon fly around kicking people looks so good.

The final scene is also awesome, seeing Cap and Bucky Vs Iron Man looks so good and I can’t wait to see the final scene. Seeing Black Panther was also so cool, he looks good and I’ve been waiting for ages to see him.

They also kept a lot of characters out of the trailer. There was no Ant-Man or Spider-Man and there was hardly any of the new Avengers. I like that they are keeping them back so it doesn’t over shadow Cap. I did find it weird that they kept the villain of the film Baron Zemo out of the trailer, saving him to maybe?

The Captain America: Civil War trailer was fantastic, dark, gritty and it kept the focus on the title character.



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