The mid season finale for The Walking Dead is here and it features the aftermath from last episode.


As we saw last week, the tower has fallen and the walkers have come flooding in. It was pretty cool finally seeing the zombies be a scary presence. This episode delivered in the amount of kills, lots and lots of kills.

Although the zombies were scary nothing really amounted from them. It felt like there were no stakes for what was happening. Although Diana did die it was a death with really no meaning cause she has done nothing all season. The death was really disappointing.

There was a nice call back to the first season with Rick and co covering themselves in walker blood and guts to get through the horde. It’s nice fan service but they probably should have done it in another episode and not the mid season finale.

Morgan and Carol got into there fight which wasn’t as good as it could have been. It wasn’t like this awesome fight it was just a little scuffle and done, incredibly disappointing.

Carl and that other kid finally got into there fight, which again was disappointing. There fight was just a little scuffle like Carol and Morgans and there was no repercussion for his action because Carl covered for him, stupid.

The mid season finale of The Walking Dead was enjoyable but disappointing.



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