During Gotham a new sneak peek for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped and it’s absolutely amazing.

This was a short little teaser, only lasting around 50 seconds with a full trailer to debut on Kimmel on Wednesday.

But with the short time that they had they gave us a whole lot of awesome. I love this desert suit Batman, apparently this is a dream sequence, which I can see given that Superman looks to have taken over the world.

Both of the actors, Superman Henry Cavill and Batman Ben Affleck give fantastic performances. The sheer intensity that Cavill shows is scary and he doesn’t even say anything. And Affleck gives off a sort of terrified but still intense performance.

We don’t really get much in terms of the story which is good and its really just one scene. I also love how they have Batman in the light, it’s so fresh to see him in day light because really we have only seen Batman in the dark.

This sneak peek got me so excited for the trailer to release on Wednesday as well as build more hype for the film, even though I thought that was impossible.


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