This week on Supergirl Kara dealt with her anger problems whilst Red Tornado made his debut.


This episode was pretty good.  I really like how they delved into Karas darker side. It was really nice to see her let off some steam and even have a nice moment with Cat. It was really handled well and Melissa Benoist gave a fine performance.

Red Tornado also showed up this week, being an android for the government. Red Tornado himself was a bit underwhelming, whilst seeing his powers in live action was cool he was just missing something. They really missed a cool opportunity here.

Gwent hacked into the DEO and found out more about Alex and Karas fathers death. It led to more Hank is hiding something stuff which was expected. I have also noticed that they use the red eye thing quite a lot, like he just does it from time to time or??

Jimmy and Lucy had an unpleasant dinner with Lucy’s father. General Lane doesn’t think Jimmy is good enough for Lucy blah blah. This was just stuff we have seen a thousand times over.

There was a little end scene tease of Kara bleeding, hinting that she is weakened or has lost her powers. It will be interesting to see how they will approach this.

Supergirl had a good episode that let Kara let off some steam.



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