This week on SHIELD Coulson is out for Wards head.


This episode was fantastic and full of surprises. The episode started on a massive surprise with Ward killing Rosalind in front of Coulson. This was really tragic and it led for us to see a different Coulson.

Throughout the episode Coulson was just full of rage. This gave us a look at a different side of Coulson and seeing all of his decisions be decided by rage was really something different. Normally Coulson is really calm and collected so it was nice to see a different side to him.

Coulson was out for revenge as to be expected, leading him to do an off the books mission which left Mack as director. Having Mack as director was really cool to see, Mack is great and having him in this leading position was awesome to see.

Ward and Hydra take Fitz and Simmons so that they can try and find out how Simmons got back from the other planet. This was pretty heartbreaking, especially with Fitz hearing Jemma getting tortured. Fitz’s love for Jemma is so beautiful.

Ward had an up and down episode, getting reunited with his brother, who Coulson used to get to Ward. Seeing this side of Ward again was great and finding out more about his childhood and his up bringing really gave us a better sense of who Ward is.

But the big thing this episode was Fitz saying that he would go through the portal to the other world as well as Ward being talked into leading the mission there. This was pretty big given that Fitz was doing this for Jemma and Ward doing what Hydra needs. If they do bring back that thing this could mean big things for the world.

But even bigger was Coulson, lead by his rage jumping through the portal in an attempt to get Ward. This side of Coulson is so new to see and seeing him make these dumb decisions could prove costly, especially given that he is now unconscious on this desert planet.

SHIELD had a big episode this week with some big surprises.



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