The first part of the annual two part Arrow/Flash crossover has arrived and its awesome.


Vandal Savage, the villain of Legends of Tomorrow is out for Kendra because of her connection to Carter and him in past lives. Seeing Savage finally is so cool, his such an intimidating and powerful enemy. Even though this does feel like set up for Legends it’s a good sort of set-up.

Seeing Team Arrow and Flash back together again was also awesome. This episode was very funny because of it, with everyone taking little jabs at each other. Damian Dahrk also had a really funny scene at the start which gave us the magnetic Arrow.

The fight scenes were also really awesome. Seeing Barry and Oliver take on Savage as well as the both of them take on Hawkman was like a comic come to life. This episode was filled with such great moments.

The actual Kendra plot was pretty good, it felt a little dragged out but that was ok. Cisco and Kendras connection felt a little weird, given that they have only been seeing each other for a couple weeks. Seeing her finally get her wings and become Hawkgirl was also really cool.

Malcolm Merlyn just showed up this episode as well and it was a little weird. He sort of just shows up out of nowhere to give information to Arrow and Flash.Why would he help them? Why does he care? Who knows.

But back in Central City Harrison and Caitlyn make a serum called velocity 6 to make Barry go faster. But Patty sees Wells and tales him and then shoots him. The repercussions of this will be big for Patty, as she has pretty much found out about Earth 2 and such whilst also being in the Flash base. The surely have to tell her who The Flash is now don’t they?

Harrison survives thanks to Jay who took the serum. It was nice to see Jay back again. Jay doesn’t want Barry to have the serum, which is understandable. Jay can be a bit hard to take sometimes with these moments. They really built the animosity between Wells and Jay well this episode as well as showcasing Jay’s heroism.

The last scene might go a little over peoples heads because they planted the seeds for it a long time ago but remember that girl that had Oliver’s baby and his mother paid her off not to tell Oliver. Well Oliver has found out, seeing the kid and the girl, I was surprised to see them bring this back up again, especially in a crossover episode like this but I’m glad they are addressing it. This will likely change a lot for Oliver as well as Felicity.

The first part of the Arrow and Flash crossover event was a doozy and I can’t wait until tomorrow.



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