The second part of the two part Arrow/Flash crossover is here!


This episode flowed much better then the first part and was great. This episode was a little less on the humour and more emotional and serious which I felt suited the crossover much better.

Let’s start with Vandal Savage, who straight up kills everyone. This was really unexpected and really exhibited just his sheer power. Savage is such an awesome villain and I can’t wait to see him in Legends of Tomorrow.

But if everyone’s dead there can’t be a show and that’s why Barry ran back through time. Seeing Barry run back through time again was so cool and of course the second time around they defeat Savage. The repercussions of the time travel haven’t shown yet but I expect in the mid season finale for both shows it will play a part.

Seeing more of the back story with Hawkman and Hawkgirl was cool. Seeing there Egyptian roots was awesome and lead to something different.

Cisco was pretty worse for ware here, losing the girl. I really liked how they had me help Kendra unleash the wings. It made Cisco  have something to do which was nice and he had a lot of great moments.

Oliver confronted Samantha about his son and the results weren’t great. The first time around Felicity finds out and they have a big falling out because Oliver wasn’t going to tell Felicity. This was the cause of them losing the fight to Savage because Oliver wasn’t in the game. This was really emotional stuff and it was a great scene.

The second time around Oliver STILL doesn’t tell Felicity but this time she doesn’t find out. Eventually this will come out, because Oliver will be seeing his son but not as a father but a friend as Samantha doesn’t want William to know Oliver is his dad. This will probably come back to bite Oli. The scene with Oliver and William was also really cool to see, Stephen Amells performance was great.

The ending featured Malcolm Merlyn picking up Vandal Savages ashes. This can’t spell well and given that Savage will be the villain of Legends of Tomorrow I would say Malcolm will have something to do with his return.

Also I really liked the little nod to Avengers: Age of Ultron in that all of the superheroes are hiding out in a farm and Thea mentioning that she has seen this in a movie before, great stuff.

The second part of the Arrow/Flash crossover featured a little bit of time travel, a little bit of mysticism and all round great action.



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