The new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is here and its absolutely awesome.

This trailer was awesome, it showed a lot of scenes that we saw in the comic-con trailer but the new scenes they showed were awesome.

The start bit I particularly liked a lot. With Clark and Bruce, taking shots at each other about their ulter egos. This seems to indicate that they both know who each other are, long before they fight. It’s just great dialogue between the two and something that I expect from a DC movie.

Lex breaks up there dialogue and acts like these two meeting is a big thing, which I found weird because Clark is just a reporter and Bruce is a retired play boy. It seems to indicate that he knows that they are both Superman and Batman. He also foreshadows the fight between them by saying that you wouldn’t want to get into a fight with Clark because of his hand shake which further makes me think he knows who they are.

We then see more scenes from the fight between the two, they don’t give away much of the fight which is good because they should save it for the movie. The line Superman says to Batman ‘If I wanted it you would be dead already’ is so fantastic because its true. This Man of Steel Superman is so powerful and could easily end Batman if he wanted. It also shows his heroism and how he is a good person, because his not going to kill Batman. The script seems fantastic from the dialogue we have heard.

We also got some cool weird stuff from the nightmare Batman scene or what we assume it is. It was Batman fighting the ground soldiers which we have seen but then they show these firefly looking things flying over head. Who knows what they are but they look cool and have me intrigued.

Then we get the big thing, Doomsday. We heard rumours of him being in the film and they seem to be true, with Lex creating him. Doomsday doesn’t look all that good, he looks much better and more intimidating in the comics and I wish they just ripped it out from the comics. In this we also get a line from Lex which goes  ‘If man won’t kill god, then the devil will do it’. This also suggests that Lex sets Batman and Superman up to fight.

And then the end scene, which is great with Wonder Woman saving Batman and the holy trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman standing together ready for battle. This was a comic nerds dream come true, we have waited so long for this moment and its just great fan service. I also laughed a lot at the dialogue between Batman and Superman about it, the little ‘Is she with you’ from Superman and Batman saying back ‘I thought she was with you. This shows these films will have humour, which goes back to an older rumour which was that DC films won’t have jokes.

The new Batman V Superman trailer was fantastic and give us a little more of an understanding of the story and what is going on. Doomsday looks less than stellar but the dialogue and sheer awesome final shot makes up for it.


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