Minecraft Story mode gets back on track with episode 3: The last place you look.

After a pretty lacklustre second episode that didn’t really move the plot forward or give the player any big choices this episode gave us most of those things.

The plot moved forward a lot this episode, a lot more than I thought it would and we got a couple surprises which I wasn’t expecting at all. The episode ends on cliffhangar that will likely affect the rest of the series which I was happy with. Although none of the choices I made felt like it will affect anything in the story, which was a bummer.

The game ran pretty smoothly to, after episode 2 ran pretty horrid this was almost flawless which I am happy to report.

There were a ton of cool moments as well in this episode. A couple being the opening credit sequence, just awesome and really well animated. They also do some interesting things with Enderman which was really cool.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3: The Last Place you Look puts the overall story back on track with a satisfying and fun episode.



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