This week on Supergirl we find out just who Hank Henshaw is!


Let’s start with the big point of the episode, Hank Henshaw being Martian Manhunter. We all had our suspicions and now we know who he is. This was really cool to see in live action and he looks great. His story to why he became Hank is really emotional and his motivations for becoming Hank are also nice. They tie it in nicely with Alex. It will be interesting to see how Alex deals with this.

At the DEO, an Alien with psychic powers was on the loose. This was really cool guerilla warfare stuff. It was nice to see something not be resolved by Supergirl and the end stand off/fight was awesome.

Meanwhile National City is hit with an earthquake whilst Supergirl has no powers. This was a cool little plot and with Supergirl gone it allowed for some other characters to step up and shine

Cat stepped up in a nice way, giving some encouraging words to the people of National City. She has had some nice character development as of recent and I’m starting to like her. Jimmy also had a bit of heroism which was really sweet to see.

Kara was dealing with having no powers and was taking it really hard. I really liked how they showed her in this vulnerable state. It really taught her that this is how life is and you can’t save everyone. She also had a really nice moment as Supergirl talking a guy out of robbing a shop. It showed that not everything is solved with fighting.

Supergirl had its best episode yet with an awesome reveal and great character moments.



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