This week on SHIELD the team must find a way to get Fitz and Coulson back.


This episode was great. It had a really nice infiltration aspect with the team needing to get to the portal. There were tons of cool moments, like that dude whose name eludes me melting bullets.

Mack really stepped into his role as director and it was awesome to see. His really commanding and strong and an all round great leader. We also got to see a little Lash action with him saving Jemma and killing a bunch of Inhumans, there really is no going back for Andrew and he is out on the loose again.

On the planet Ward and Fitz reconnect with Will. It was nice to see Will back again but it takes a quick turn for the worse when he is revealed to be ‘It’ or death as we will call it. This was a pretty predictable twist but Fitz puts him down in a sweet way. Death is actually this little slug which isn’t really scary but its cool to finally know what it exactly is.

Coulson gets his redemption on Ward, they have a pretty awesome fight and Coulson ends him by crushing his rib cage, just brutal. After this event you can tell that Coulson isn’t the same, the look on his face is a lot darker and this will likely drive some of the events of the second half of this season.

But death is hard to kill and we get the reveal that Ward is now death and is on earth. This spells really bad news for everyone, it will be interesting to see the dynamic between death and Malick, I’m definitely excited.

The end scene for team SHIELD was a really nice and emotional moment, with everyone hugging and holding those who are dearest, a really nice way to go out.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a good mid season finale with some predictable yet awesome twists.



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