This week on The Flash, Weather Wizard breaks out Captain Cold and Trickster to kill The Flash.


This episode was really great. It wasn’t nothing earth shattering it was just a very small and nice episode when it comes to The Flash.

The whole Weather Wizard/Trickster thing was cool, it was nice to see Hamill back in this role and just before he returns to another role that made him famous in a galaxy far, far away. Although I do think the villains were a bit under used, they sort of served as secondary characters and there wasn’t much of a spotlight on them.

We also got a little more of the great banter between Cold and Barry. I really liked how they decided to have Snart not go after Barry with the rest of them.

The special effects and the end fight was good. I liked how they had Barry be willing to give his life for the people of Central City, really highlighted his heroism.

Patty also got in on this action as she had a connection to Weather Wizard. We found out more about her past and motivations and she really opens up. They done this in a really nice way and pushed her character forward a lot.

Iris told Joe about Wally. This was really emotional stuff and the performances were fantastic. Wally also shows up at the end of the episode, reuniting Joe and Iris with there long lost sibling. It was such an emotional and great way to end the episode.

Zoom does appear this episode but not for Barry. He strikes a deal with Harry to get The Flash to be more faster so that he can then kill him and take more of the speed force. Zoom is incredibly scary and it was nice to see him pop back up. His plan is also really diabolical, literally fattening The Flash up before he slaughters him.

The mid season finale of The Flash was a nice and contained episode that had great character moments.



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