This week on Arrow, Damian Dahrk brings the fight to Oliver and his friends.


This episode was great. I really liked how it didn’t hinge on all the superhero stuff and just left the characters. It was a nice change of pace and gave us something nice and new.

Oliver and Felicity talked a lot about marriage this episode as Felicity found out about the ring. This was all great stuff and the pay off moment of the two getting married was so beautiful and felt like a moment the whole series had built towards.

Diggle kept on having troubles with his brother. This is strong stuff and it doesn’t look like the Andy Diggle knew will ever come back.

Damian takes Felicity, Thea and Diggle to get at Oliver. This was a really nice plot and further gave Dahrk the space to be villainy. His such a great villain, he has this sense of humour which really resonates with me and humanises Dahrk. We also find out he has a family, further adding to the show humanising him.

Oliver of course tried to find them and in doing so went through a blind rage attack on the ghosts. Seeing this angry Oliver was really cool. Oliver’s choice to give himself up for his friends mirrors that of what The Flash did yesterday which was nice.

Malcolm and Laural helped get them back. Seeing Malcolm in the Arrow suit was cool and having him confront and fight Dahrk was awesome. Malcolm’s a great character.

The end scene had Oliver and Felicity driving off as a freshly engaged couple until the ghosts attacked. This left Felicity pretty lifeless and dead? Maybe, they did make it seem that way.

Arrow’s mid season finale was a great episode with beautiful Olicity moments and terrifying villainy by Dahrk.




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