The second of the George Lucas directed prequel trilogy is a step in the right direction but is still weighed down by The Phantom Menace’s pitfalls.

The story actually feels relevant to the over arching Star Wars story. Whilst it is far from great it’s a serviceable effort. The story has a little more interesting things happen but it is still just a bit boring and bland and missing that magical touch.

The acting in this film hasn’t improved much from The Phantom Menace. Ewen McGregor turns in a good performance as Obi Wan. Hayden Christensen however, is absolutely terrible as Anakin Skywalker. He brings nothing to Anakin and could easily be replaced by a robot.

The whole Anakin/Padme love story is absolutely trash as well. Whilst it is necessary for the story the actors don’t sell it, both Portman and Christensen have no chemistry at all. It’s incredibly painful to watch them together on screen and its hard to believe there love.Also having Anakin kill a bunch of Tusken raiders was absolutely ludicrous as well.

The whole clone creation was interesting though. I do feel they sort of shoe horned in the Fett’s though. I don’t think it needed to be connected to them and it just felt tacked on. I wish they didn’t show Boba as a kid either, his mystery was one of the most intriguing things about him and now part of that is gone. Also the decision to have all the clones CGI was a bad one, they look terrible.

There isn’t as much politics in this one which was nice to see because it was a bore in episode 1. Also there was hardly any Jar Jar, yay. I did feel as if Count Dokku, the villain, was a bit under developed. He felt like a character they quickly wrote into the script. He has no depth and felt rushed. It’s a shame because his back story is intriguing.

Despite the bad there were some cool moments, such as all of the remaining jedi available in a battle with the droids as well as Yoda vs Dooku. I also enjoyed the small glimpse we got of the seedy underbelly of curoscant.

Attack of the Clones is a small step in the right direction for the prequels but is still weighed down by bad performances, a boring story and a horrible love story.



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