The final entry in the prequel trilogy is the best of the lot and finds the cast and Lucas finally finding their footing.

The story is actually good in this one. It doesn’t hold a candle to the original trilogy but its a much better story then episode 1 and 2 combined. It was really great to see everything come together and see the prequels finally connect to the OG trilogy. There wasn’t any of that boring politics stuff that kept the pace of the film down to a crawl. The pace was great and they kept things exciting.

It was really cool to see Palpatine persuade and deceive Anakin into the dark side. It just showed the emperors power and reinforced him as a bonafided villain.

The actors also feel much more comfortable in their roles and really settle into them. Mcgregor is fantastic as Obi Wan and brings a lot to the role. Hayden Christensen is also pretty good in the film, but that is only thanks to how awesome he was as evil Anakin.

They also toned down the Anakin/Padme love story a lot. There was only the bare essentials which was good. The stuff in the film is still horrible but its easier to take when there isn’t much there unlike Attack of the Clones.

The film also has the best action and special effects of any of the films. From the opening scene of the movie to the Grevious/Kenobi fight to the Anakin/Kenobi confrontation on Mustafar this film had the best action. Anakin/Obi Wan fight is the stand out though and to me the best fight scenes in the whole series, just pure awesome. Order 66 was also awesome to see, seeing the fall of the jedi and how it went down was so cool.

I did find the Yoda/Sidious fight to be a bit underwhelming. The two going at it should have been cool but it just didn’t hit the mark. Also say what you want about Grevious and how he was made for toys all you want but you can’t deny he isn’t awesome.

Revenge of the Sith is the diamond among the rough in the prequels and although it is a great film it can’t save the prequels overall. But as a standalone Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith is a triumph.




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