We have trudged through the prequels and hit the lottery, because A New Hope is what started it all and boy, is it fantastic.

The story is magical. It’s just so exciting. The way Luke, Han, Chewie and co just stumbled into this galactic battle with the universe at stake is so¬†cool.

The empire is incredibly terrifying. The power they have in this universe is something not to be messed with. All of the villains from Tarkin to Vader are such fascinating villains.

All of the character development in the film is phenomenal. Particular Han. Who starts out as just a hired pilot to ending the film saving Luke and helping destroy the death star. They build his heroism up perfect. Lukes development was also great, from farm boy on tattoine to destroying death star but its over shadowed by Han.

I loved how they portrayed old Ben to. The way he sacrisfises himself for Luke and guides him through the later half of the movie is fantastic. Really cements why Obi-Wan is my favourite Star Wars character.

The directing is also great. Lucas is on fire here and really sets up some beautiful shots. The way he had everything look so old and run down really made the world feel lived in, something the prequels sorely missed. The special effects also hold up incredibly well beside the ones he added in with the special edition.

Everyone in the film is fantastic. From Fisher to Hamill and to the stand out Harrison Ford. There three carry the film incredibly and make for really likeable leads.

The film that started it all Star Wars: A New Hope is still just as good as you remember. It’s use of its characters, special effects and exciting story lead for a film you soon won’t forget. Just remember though, Han shot first, he always shot first.



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