My fifth day of Star Wars brings my personal favourite of the 6, The Empire Strikes Back.

The story of Star Wars is at its best in this. The pacing is fantastic, the character development is incredible and the story is just this magical galaxy travelling adventure. So exciting and exhilarating.

There are so many awesome moments in this film. From the battle of Hoth, to the asteroid worm to Luke and Vader face to face this film delivers on iconic moments.

I also loved all of the character interaction, especially Han and Leia. There interactions are so entertaining to watch and there back and forth really lends itself to the movie. And who could forget the iconic ‘I love you’ ‘I know’ line.

We also get to see Luke train to become a Jedi. The whole Yoda dynamic was handled really well. From his disguise as a silly alien to then him training Luke its just something you don’t expect.

And who could forget the reveal no one saw coming, Vader is Luke’s father. The first time watching the film without having watched the prequels this just blows you away. Such a fantastic twist and they built up to the moment perfectly.

The special effects were also great. They still hold up to this day. We also get introduced to fan favourite Lando Chlarisan and see more of the great Boba Fett. This film just delivers.

The Empire Strikes Back also does a great job of setting up the next film. It’s not cheap, because you get a satisfying ending here but it sets it up in a great way that doesn’t compromise the film on its own.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is Star Wars at its very best.



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