My sixth day of Star Wars brings my review of Return of the Jedi and boy is it outstanding.

They wrap the story up in such a fantastic way. They still keep the adventurous feel to the story even though its the grand finale. It’s the less galaxy spanning of the 3 but that doesn’t take anything away from it.

The Luke/Vader/Emperor dynamic was also awesome. I loved how evil the Emperor was, taunting Luke with his friends. His dialogue is so spot on and his attempted persuasion is played brilliantly.

The Luke/Vader fight was also fantastic and the best saber fight of the original trilogy. Vaders turn to the light side and stopping the Emperor was also fantastic and such a great way to redeem Vader.

I also loved how they made Leia and Luke siblings. Such a cool twist in a film that is full of them. Although it does make their kiss in Empire seem a little weird.

I loved the beginning with them trying to save Han. We got a great look at the seedy underbelly den owned by Jabba the Hutt. The great Rancor/Luke fight and how could anyone forget the beautiful slave Leia costume. Plus the way Jabba went out was brutal.

I also loved how they incorporated the Ewoks. There such cute little furballs. I also loved how they had them topple the empire, just because you’re primitive and less advanced doesn’t mean you can’t beat them. So cool and there bloody brutal little things.

The end space battle was also fantastic, so many cool explosions and seeing Lando pilot the Millennium Falcon. And how could we forget the great ‘It’s a trap’ line.

Return of the Jedi ends the Star Wars saga in a fantastic way.



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