This week on Supergirl CatCo gets hacked and Astra returns.


This weeks episode was great. I really enjoyed the main focus being on CatCo and the happenings there instead of the Astra business. It was just good that they mixed it up.

The CatCo stuff was all great. It had a sort of corporate espionage feel to it which I loved it. We also see Cat in a more human state. We find more out about her and how she has a son that she has no part in his life. The sacrifice she was willing to take so her son doesn’t get exposed to the media is great, I’m starting to really dig Cat.

The Astra stuff was good to. The fight scenes in particular were fantastic, they were cut in such a way that they look high budget. We also get to see more of Krypton and it’s inevitable destruction and Kara and Astra’s relationship on Krypton.

The Kara/Astra stuff was also really strong. Seeing Kara so angry and upset about her mother was really emotional and great stuff. Although Astra is always up to something and the fight at the end between the DEO and the aliens was fantastic, we even get a little Martian Manhunter action.

The big reveal at the end was Cat putting the dots together and finding out that Kara is Supergirl. I’m glad they did this, because they have Cat as this really smart woman but then have Supergirl next to her and she doesn’t know. I suspect big repercussions in the coming episodes.

Supergirl had a great episode that delivered great fights and made Cat relateable.



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