Han Solo said it perfectly, ‘Chewie were home’ because that is exactly how I felt watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It felt like home again, Star Wars is back and it hasn’t been this good since the original trilogy.

They recaptured the magic of Star Wars, the story was exhilarating and exciting. The pacing was perfect and they kept a great consistent tone throughout.

Seeing the old characters back was fantastic, I never thought I would see Han in the Millennium Falcon again but here we are. Catching up with these characters 30 years later has never been more fun!

But it’s the new characters that stand out. Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8 and Kylo Ren are all fantastic characters and played brilliantly. All of there arcs were great and I can’t wait to see them again. BB-8 particularly stands out.

My boy Kylo Ren met all my expectations. He was such a flawed and torn character. He made for a fantastic villain and every time he was on screen you knew something big was going to happen. General Hux was also pretty good and Supreme Leader Snoke wasn’t what I expected but I throughly enjoyed him also.

Without spoiling anything the film has some shocks and it’s truly something you need to watch and not have spoiled. My mouth was wide open for 80% of the film and at one part I even shed a tear.

The film is also very funny. I found myself laughing out loud a bunch and that’s just a a testament to the great script.

The directing was fantastic, JJ Abrams has made a wonderfully beautiful film here. Thanks in part to the minimal use of cgi and practical effects.

By the time the credits rolled on The Force Awakens I stood up with a theatre full of fans and cheered and clapped, because what they have managed to do is nothing short of outstanding. Blending what little good there was in the prequels and what made the original trilogy so great, Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits all the right notes and makes for the best Star Wars film in a long time!




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