I’ve now seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice and the film is finally playing pretty much around the world, so lets dive into some spoilers. But before you read this check out my scored, spoiler free review of The Force Awakens here:

Now let’s start off with the big reveal, Han Solo is Kylo Ren’s father. Everyone had all of these predictions on the parentage of all the new characters and this was one of the more popular ones and the only one that was answered.

I really enjoyed the way they revealed it, they reveal it close to half way through the film and it was nice because they let you sit with it, you got the shock of it and then you get ready for their eventual confrontation.

And there eventual meeting was the big shock for me, Ren, whose real name is Ben Solo kills Han. I knew someone had to die in this film, but I didn’t expect Han. This gut punched me so much, I shed a tear, I couldn’t believe what they done. I loved every second of it and I feel it really solidified Ren as a character.

The scene was so incredibly well played out, Both Driver and Ford gave incredible performances. I loved how they had Ren consider giving back into the light after seeing his father and how he was torn over going back with Han.

As we all expected also, the story was about finding Luke Skywalker. I actually loved the plot, I felt it was really well told but this brings me to Luke.

My expectations were that Luke would play a pivotal part in the third act which he doesn’t and that’s fine. Although the first time I watched it I felt like they could have easily cut him but after watching it for a second time I actually loved the scene with him. It was such an intense and emotional stare down between Luke and Rey and it told you everything you needed to know without them saying a word. I think its safe to say Luke will play a big part in Episode 8.

I loved Rey in the film. I’m so happy they made her force sensitive and not Finn. I was very certain that they were playing us a fool with Finn and they were. They also hint at Rey being Luke Skywalker’s kid. They don’t confirm it but to me they definitely hint at it and I love that. Rey was such a strong and fantastic character and I’m glad they are positioning this new trilogy on her.

I also loved the directions of all the other characters. I thought Poe was great, he had a much bigger role then I expected and I loved how charismatic and joyful he was. Finn was also great too, I loved his evolution as a character although his attachment to Rey was a little much for how long they had known each other. Kylo Ren stands out to me though, he was the most well developed of all the new characters. I loved how deep he was, his rage that you see throughout the film was so different and I loved it.

Now let’s get to Starkiller base, It was my only real gripe with the film. I loved the concept of it, it being a planet/Death Star hybrid that sucks up the sun to fire its weapon is amazing. But I feel like it didn’t have the presence that the Death Star had. It didn’t have that Death Star blowing up Alderaan moment, I mean sure, it blowed up like 5 planets at once but it didn’t have the weight that the Death Star/Alderaan moment did. I just wish they put a little more work into developing it to be this scary thing like the Death Star.

Supreme Leader Snoke was also not what I was expecting. His like this massive alien thing that I enjoyed, I’m glad they kept him a surprise. You know when you see Snoke to, he feels like the emperor.

I also loved the way they introduced the Millennium Falcon. We all assumed that Han would have the Millennium Falcon come The Force Awakens but he doesn’t. I loved how they have Rey call it a piece of garbage as there in the heat of the battle without them revealing it and then when the ship they were going for blows up and they pan to the Millennium Falcon just sitting there, in a place where you never expected it to be, loved it, so brilliant and smart.

I also loved Leia. Her and Han share great scenes. They tease this history between them and they seemed like they were sort of holding back with each other.

The fight scenes were also fantastic. I loved all of the X-wing stuff, seeing Poe just absolutely wreck 5 or 6 Tie Fighters in mere seconds was awesome. And the light sabre stuff is fantastic, I loved the Ren/Finn/Rey fight, so beautiful.

So those are my spoiler heavy thoughts and review of The Force Awakens. But, I want to hear what you thought of The Force Awakens, let’s discuss in the comments!


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