The second trailer for the highly anticipated Deadpool has hit!

I liked this trailer a lot more then the first. I liked a lot more of what I saw and it flowed a lot better.

The trailer was very funny, there were a lot of great one liners and I hope there are more in the film. I loved all of the action and gore to, glorious R rating stuff.

Although with the action I feel like the environments are all the same. It just felt like all of it will take place on a highway and itĀ feltĀ familiar and we have only seen two trailers. I wanted to see a little more of the stuff off the highway but we didn’t get that, thankfully the stuff on the highway is great.

I’m also a little concern about the amount of Wade Wilson. This is Deadpool, I don’t need an origin story, just have Deadpool explain his origin to the audience in a funny fourth wall breaking manner. I just don’t want to go into Deadpool and get to much of Wade Wilson.

I also loved the looks at Colossus and the way they tie it into the X-men. There dynamic should be very funny. And we get a little more of Negastic teenage warhead and she looks very funny and her powers look awesome.

The second Deadpool trailer was very funny and had some awesome moments but gave me some concerns.



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