The year is winding down and it’s time for us to look into next year and boy do we have some great films next year. Before I start, this is my personnel top 10 list of films that I’m excited for, so don’t hate if something you’re excited for is left off!!! But let’s get started!

10. Star Trek Beyond.maxresdefault
Now I’m not a big trekkie or anything and the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond wasn’t all that great but I really enjoyed the previous 2 Star Trek films and I’m very excited to see where they take this story without JJ Abrams.

9. Warcraft.warcraft-movie-posters-logo
I’ve never dabbled in the World of Warcraft myself but I’ve always been intrigued by this juggernaut of an MMO. So when I saw the trailer for Warcraft I was immediately pumped for it. I loved everything I saw and I hope its good.

8. X-men Apocalypse.xmenapoc33
The newest entry in the X-men franchise is coming and I’m not as excited as I would like to be for it. I’m a little fatigued by these X-men movies, there has just been so many of them but I’m still excited to see Apocalypse because of Oscar Issac and the focus on the younger group of mutants.

7. Doctor Strange.Doctor_Strange_Logo
I’m very excited for this film. I’m happy Marvel are going back out and doing something new. Seeing them dive into the mystical aspect of the MCU will be very interesting and fun to see and should open up the universe a little more.

6. Assassin’s Creed.fassbenderheader
I’m a very big fan of the Assassin’s Creed games, I’ve played every one of them and I still thoroughly enjoy them every year. So I’m very happy that this film has finally gotten off the ground¬†and is coming out next year. The cast is incredible and so is the director so I have high hopes for this film.

5. Suicide Squad.Suicide-Squad-Trailer-Team-Shot
I am very excited for this. I’m glad they are expanding the DCEU in this way, instead of having a slew of superhero movies right out the gate we get a nice little villain piece. I am very excited to see how dark they go and I can’t wait to see Harley Quinn and the new Joker.

4. Deadpool.12391433_942854329141907_7830408469808158777_n
The merc with a mouth is finally going onto the big screen and I have never been happier. The film looks incredibly funny and will really be something new and interesting in the superhero genre. Here’s hoping it’s good.

3. Captain America: Civil War.12308678_1060198477344392_4913322819138139847_n
The Civil War begins next year. I am super pumped for this, Captain America is my favourite Marvel character and Winter Soldier is my favourite MCU film. So I’m delighted that the Russos who directed Winter Soldier are back and directing such a big flick. I’m hoping it’s a lot darker then Age of Ultron and leans heavily on the tone that the Russos set with The Winter Soldier.

2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.Rogue One
Star Wars is in full swing, with the incredible reception for The Force Awakens Star Wars is at its peak and Rogue One should maintain its popularity. The premise is amazing, with a bunch of rebels or bounty hunters trying to steal the plans to the death star. I expect to see a lot of familiar faces from the original trilogy and a really dark and gritty tone set in this amazing galaxy far far away.

And my number 1 film is………………………
Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.Trinity
Growing up, the two superheroes I had were Batman and Superman, there was no Marvel to be seen and I grew up loving these characters. Watching the Justice League cartoons, the Superman and Batman animated series these were who I grew up with. Superman is my all time favourite superhero character and I love Batman, so I’ve never been more excited to see these two icons on the big screen together for the first time. I think Man of Steel is a masterpiece and I love the tone of this universe, I love all of the casting and I love what I’ve seen from this film so far. I need to see this film now!!!!

And that is my top 10 most anticipated films of 2016. Let me know your lists below and lets get hyped for what looks to be a great movie going year!!

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