I apologise for the late review, I have been on holidays and had limited access to the internet.


This episode was pretty meh. It just kind of felt flat, there were good moments in here but they just got drowned out by the bad ones.

Let’s start with the bad stuff, all of the villains of the show have really no depth. Maxwell Lord, Non and General Lane are all just cardboard cut outs of each other. I’m just not invested in them which makes it hard to care for the show.

I also felt the special effects in this episode were a bit off, some stuff really didn’t look good. I also feel like the show had Kara and Astra meet to many times in the episode to talk about the same thing everytime. Just really made the episode drag.

I also felt that Cat knowing Kara is Supergirl was mishandled. They should have kept it in, it would have made the series as a whole going forward more interesting, especially with there interactions. But they decided not to, however I did like how they Had Hank transform into Supergirl to convince Cat, just awesome.

That brings me to the stuff I liked, I liked how they didn’t hold out the Hank/Martian Manhunter thing from Kara for to long and I’m happy she is inĀ on it now. There interactions going forward will be very interesting.

I also really enjoyed the Kara/Winn/Jimmy stuff in the episode. It was really strong and showed just how important they are to Kara, brilliant stuff.

Supergirl returned with a episode that had its moments but eventually disappointed.



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