Supergirl S1E10- Childish Things Review!

This week on Supergirl the Toyman torments Winn.


This episode was very Winn focused and it really pushed his character forward. The added depth to his character and the father/son dynamic they had with the Toyman was really cool. It was also really awesome to see Toyman with all his toy gadgets, they done some really creative things with the toys. The episode also had a little creep factor also.

Because of this conflict Winn finally reveals his feelings towards Kara. It will be interesting to see how there relationship changes over the course of the rest of the season and if Winn revealing his feelings will have an impact. It certainly looks like it will.

On the DEO front, Hank infiltrated Lord technology to see what exactly he is hiding. It was awesome to see Hank use his powers and be the Martian Manhunter. He finds what I believe to be Bizzaro, who will have an appearance in a coming episode.

There was also a bit of relationship troubles with Jimmy and Lucy. This was really the weakest stuff of the episode, it wasn’t at all interesting or well developed and it just felt like filler.

Supergirl still struggles to have a compelling villain. Maxwell Lord still feels one note, he isn’t particularly interesting and his motives don’t make any sense. He just hates Supergirl because she wakes up and has these powers like what?¬†Although I am interested to see how he takes the news of Supergirl and Alex being sisters and what he does with this information.

Supergirl had a good episode that put the focus on Winn!



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