Agent Carter S2E1- The Lady in the Lake Review!!

Agent Carter returned this week for its second season with a location change and a new case.


The big thing going into season 2 of Agent Carter was the location change with this season taking place in LA. Whilst at first the location change is nice it fails to feel different. They could be anywhere and it would still feel the same which is a bit disappointing considering how much they talked about it. It just didn’t bring anything new to the story.

The big conflict this time around seems to be about a killer who freezes there victims somehow? They don’t really go to much into it given its the first episode but it starts out well. They do a good job of setting up what exactly it is and what they are dealing with.

Not much has changed with the characters with most of the cast from the first season returning. It is nice to see familiar faces and where they are since the first season. I also enjoyed the tie in to season 1 with Donnie.

The characters interactions are still great also with Peggy and Jarvis still being a highlight. Although I did feel this episode they over used the Peggy is in awkward situation thing, it was funny maybe the first time but after that it got taxing.

Agent Carter returned with a good episode that set up the season nicely.



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