Agent Carter S2E2- A View in the Dark Review!

The two part Agent Carter premiere concluded with the Peggy learning more about zero matter.


Zero matter was introduced this episode to great consequence. It was nice to see what Indigo was hiding. This reveal will have big impacts on not only Agent Carter but the whole MCU as the creators have come out and said that this season has ties to this years Doctor Strange and zero matter has to be that connection. Now that zero matter is in Whitney it will be interesting to see how it develops in a host and what comes of it.

We got a little more of Peggy and Jason together which was great. They go together really well and I really like the Jason character. Although it seems they want us to think that Jason is dead, but considering Whitney is still alive I wouldn’t count out a Jason return.

Peggy and Jarvis continued there great banter and the opening scenes of the films with those two was great and really funny. This show really thrives off this sort of character interaction. I also really like Jarvis’s wife, she fits in nicely and brings more to Peggy’s home life.

The action scenes in this episode were also great. It was awesome to see Peggy back in action kicking some serious butt. I also like how they tied the LA conflict to the Donnie/New York conflict with the pin.

The second episode of Agent Carter improved upon the first which made for quite the fun episode.



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