The new Suicide Squad trailer is here, watch it right now below then keep on reading for my review of it.

I really liked this trailer, they done a good job of setting up who these people are and what they are about. They give little bit of informations about each character and what they are good at which is smart because not a lot of people know about these characters.

The trailer had a sort of playful and fun tone but still keeps with the dark tone and setting that WB have made with this DC universe. I wasn’t really expecting this playful and fun tone but I welcome it. This sort of feels like the Guardians of the Galaxy of the DC universe.

They don’t give away to much in terms of the story. All you really know is that the Government has pulled them together to go do suicide missions for them. They don’t give away any pivotal plot points, you don’t know who the true villain is, you don’t know what they are doing it just does a good job of keeping things under wrap.

Some of my favourite moments from the trailer was the Harley Quinn stuff, they seem to have nailed her crazy side and Margot Robbie really embodies the role. I also like what I saw from Captain Boomerang, I wasn’t expecting much from him but his sort of psychotic and he has a couple funny moments.

The new Suicide Squad trailer has me excited to see and learn more about the ‘worse heroes ever’.



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