The Flash S2E10- Potential Energy Review!

The Flash returned this week with the team out to catch the turtle.


The Flash has always struggled with having a good villain of the week type villain, they nail the over arching villain but just fall short with the one and done ones but this week was the exception. The Turtle was a great villain, mainly because of the power he has. Having the ability to slow time, basically negating the Flashes power led to some great confrontations and moments.  They really hit the mark with the turtle and created a cool villain of the week.

But the turtle was more than villain of the week as his power will have a big part in taking down Zoom. I really like how creative they get with the science stuff. They plan to slow Zoom down by finding out a way to weaponise turtle’s powers. It’s a really smart idea.

On the relationship front Joe, Iris and Wally had trouble trying to come together as a family. At the start of this episode I wasn’t to hot on Wally, he kind of just felt dickish and whether that was there intention or not I don’t know but they do a good job of turning it around. You understand why he is like that and you also see the good in him with him trying to earn money to treat his mum by street racing. I’m really interested to see how the dynamic of Joe/Wally evolves as time goes on.

That brings me to poor old Barry, who just can’t seem to get a break when it comes to relationships. Throughout the episode he struggles with telling Patty his secret which I secretly hoped he would. But he doesn’t and Patty leaves to go to school. This was really heartbreaking to watch, especially given how great they were together. I really liked how they handled the early stuff to, with Barry having nightmares of Zoom killing Patty. Whether his dream becomes reality who knows but I hope to see Patty return.

While all this happens, back at Star Labs we find out more about Jay and that he is sick. That don’t exactly go into detail on what but it really brings some life into his character as for most of the season he has sort of just been there, it brings some stakes and urgency to get his speed back.

Meanwhile with Harry, his still doing creepy Harry things and trying to find ways to slow down Zoom or Barry??? You really see how much he cares for his daughter by his ending speech and sheer inhuman way he takes a piece of the turtles brain. He also reveals a really tragic story on how Zoom got his nickname and the sheer villainy that this man is.

The infamous end tag didn’t disappoint this week, with the Reverse Flash speeding into Central City setting him up for next week.

The Flash returned with a fantastic episode that hit on all fronts.


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