Wonder Woman Footage Impressions!

Whilst the big vocal point of the Dawn of the Justice League special was on the Suicide Squad lets not forget that we also got some stuff from the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Check it out here and read on for my impressions!

I really like what I saw, it was mostly just small stuff as the film is still shooting and that’s why I’m giving my impressions and not reviewing it as it will probably look way better once editing and special effects come into play.

We saw Wonder Woman doing some really cool stuff in the film, flipping around fighting some dudes and riding a horse. Seeing Wonder Woman riding a horse into a battle looks so cool and something you’ve never seen her do in live action.

We also get a look at Steve Trevor and the costume design of the film. I really like the designs of the film. It looks like they capture the timelines fashion perfectly and I’m excited to see more of the designs.

I do find it interesting that they have yet to show Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman actually talk. I’m a fan of the casting but I know a lot of people who have no faith in it so I felt I should throw that out.

But by far the most interesting thing is what Geoff Johns says about the film. We get a little indication of what Wonder Woman is doing and that’s doing what the Amazons┬ásay isn’t worth it and that’s protect man. It will be interesting to see the interaction between Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons about her choice.

I’m very impressed by what I saw of Wonder Woman and I can’t wait to see more from this film.


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