Arrow S4E10- Blood Debts Review!!

Arrow returned this week with Anarky bringing chaos down on Starling City.


Arrow returned with Oliver in a fit of rage after what happened to Felicity. Seeing this vengeful and anger filled side of Oliver was really fun. You saw how much he was willing to do to get revenge for what Dahrk done. It was a nice sort of return to the darker side that Arrow once used to be in.

Anarky returned who was after Dahrk. He was an alright villain, I enjoyed his banter with Thea. It was really interesting how they had Anarky react to what Thea done to him. Though it kind of felt like a detour, they didn’t need to have Anarky here and it sort of dragged the episode down, it made the hunt for a Dahrk a wild goose chase and it just didn’t need to happen.

But when the Arrow and Dahrk finally met it was short lived. It was just like all of there encounters before which was a bummer but we did get to see more of Dahrk and his family. They make it out that Dahrk’s wife isn’t innocent to this and is also in on what he is doing. I’m excited to see more of her and what her plans are.

The big point of the episode was of course Felicity, who is now unable to walk. Her and Oliver have some nice moments in the episode. As she is now paralysed in her legs it confirms reports of her being a now sort of Oracle. I’m ok with this but I felt like there wasn’t enough meat here with her now being paralysed. Everything just seems all dandy and fine when it probably shouldn’t.

In terms of the rest of Team Arrow, Diggle reconnected with his brother and started to mend there relationship. It’s good to see them do this and I hope we see a redemption of sorts for Andy. Laural didn’t really have much to do this episode, she again was sort of just there.

We got more of the funeral scene this episode seemingly counting out one character from being in the grave. Felicity is shown to still be alive at this point so speculation on who is in the grave is still up in there, my money is on Thea.

Arrow returned with a good but less than stellar episode.



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