DC’S Legends of Tomorrow S1E1- Pilot Review!!

I apologise for the late upload, I was away on holidays so I didn’t get to watch this until today.


Another CW DC television show has hit that shares the same universe as The Flash and Arrow and its just as awesome as those two shows. I really enjoyed the pilot, while it does suffer from the usual Pilot things it excels at its awesome time travel concept and brilliant cast of characters.

I really like how they set up Rip, his very interesting and his motivations for doing what he is doing are great. All of the main characters beside Rip are people that we have been introduced to in The Flash and Arrow which I really like. It sort of rewards you for watching those shows and its great to see them get expanded and bigger roles instead of bit parts in the other TV shows, it puts the spotlight on them and it really makes for some exciting stuff and lets them shine.

The whole time travel stuff is really cool as well. Going back to the 70’s and seeing this universe at that point in time was awesome. They do a good job of explaining all of the time travel stuff and making it make sense, you understand how it all works.

I really enjoyed what they done with Hawkman and Hawkgirl to in terms of the story. Having them meet there son from a past life was really cool and unexpected. It helped push those two forward as a couple together and develop there relationship.

I also enjoyed each characters sort of talk about joining Rip. They could have dragged and held the episode down but they were really nice cool moments and having them give there motivations for joining the team really let you understand why they are doing this. It let them being Arrow and Laural in to help tie the universe together without it feeling tacked on.

The reveal of them not being Legends but characters not pivotal to the timeline was also cool. Them eventually deciding that they want to change that future was really great and gave them all something to strive towards.

The villains of the piece were also pretty great. You got a bit of how villainous Vandal Savage was but he wasn’t to highlighted in the flesh this episode. The other villain was Chronos and he was awesome. I like how he is this sort of time bounty hunter and his inclusion led to one of the great lines of the episode being “We go out for one lousy drink, and you guys somehow manage to pick a fight with Boba Fett.” Brilliant just brilliant.

Legends of Tomorrow marks the beginning of the newest DC television show and its fantastic.



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