Agent Carter S2E3- Better Angels Review!

The plot thickens this week on Agent Carter!


Howard Stark made his first appearance for the season. It was great to see Howard back and his inclusion really helped push the story forward. It’s great to see that Howard is still Howard, led to a lot of great moments.

Jason made a return this episode as well, being in this weird invisible state. It was nice to see him back and his circumstance is really interesting and really wacky.

We got to see more of Zero Matter and what its capable of. Given that its in Whitney, we also got to learn more about her. Zero Matter is serious business, it was kind of weird seeing it like completely consume some dude and then suck him into Whitney.

Whitney isn’t what she seems either. I like how they have set her up. She is the villain and behind it all but she is still scared and in secure. She isn’t your typical moustache twirling villain, let’s hope it stays that way.

We got to see a little more of Jarvis in action to which was great, I really like the more hands on approach they have had Jarvis do this season. Jack had an expanded role this episode to, he is on his own journey of discovering the secret to, whether he wanted to or not.

Agent Carter kept on rolling this week with a good episode.



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